Understanding Your Training: The REVL Program


At REVL, we offer more than just a place to sweat. Our studio is a vibrant community with a strong sense of accountability, supported by a wealth of scientific research that underpins our training approach. While our sessions will leave you feeling amazing, we want you to enter them feeling informed and motivated by the methods behind our unique approach. By understanding the power of leading sports science and how each REVL session aligns with your goals, you can experience progress like never before.

Let’s delve into a breakdown of how we translate our expert understanding into your weekly REVL schedule and explore how it will impact your training experience.

Picture this: It’s Sunday evening, and you’re preparing for the week ahead. You’re faced with a choice between a few extra hours in bed or setting that early Monday morning alarm for a session at REVL. You contemplate whether that additional sweat will truly make a significant difference to your progress.

While we would love to promise instant transformation from a single session at REVL, the reality is a bit different. We collaborate with expert sports scientists to craft a program specifically designed to optimise your progress and target all aspects of your health. Whether it’s strength, endurance, mobility, or power, we have you covered for comprehensive progress at REVL.

Now, you may wonder why we train the way we do, what the methods entail, and if you have to attend all the sessions. Will missing a Monday morning ‘Move’ or skipping the occasional Wednesday ‘Sweat’ have a substantial impact? Today, we will break it down session by session, providing a comprehensive understanding of each training staple:

  • Move: Higher rep, lower weights conditioning
  • Build muscle while improving cardio fitness
  • Enhance muscular endurance
  • Sweat: Cardio sessions
  • Develop anaerobic and aerobic capacity
  • Increase VO2 max, fast-twitch muscle fibres, and fat burning
  • Trigger the release of feel-good brain chemicals
  • Perform: Higher weights, lower reps strength building
  • Build muscle and strength
  • Improve power, mobility, and mental resilience


In Move sessions, we utilise slightly lower weights, higher reps, and shorter rest periods. This approach gets your heart pumping while building muscular endurance throughout your entire body in both lower and upper body-focused sessions. It’s the perfect blend of strength and conditioning. And if nothing else, you’re guaranteed to leave the gym with a double dose of feel-good hormones and the infamous REVL muscle pump.

By developing your ability to recover quickly, you will actively experience the benefits of increased sustainable power output. This translates into a boosted metabolism, improved aerobic capacity, and reduced fatigue during cross-training. In addition to performance gains, these sessions offer aesthetic benefits, contributing to that “toned” combination of strength and fitness. Move sessions represent a vital conditioning addition to your week, sculpting your body and boosting your confidence.

While missing one session may not make or break your progress or your dream body, the gains from these sessions are undoubtedly worth showing up for. They kickstart your week and provide a sweaty combination of skillful movements that challenge both your muscles and your mind.


Next up is Sweat, where you’ll continuously push your cardiovascular limits throughout the week. This is not your typical monotonous treadmill cardio experience. With three different sessions each week, you’ll remain engaged and challenged while covering all bases when it comes to cardiovascular training.

SWEAT/SPRINT offers an interval-style workout with short bursts of maximum output efforts followed by rests in-between. This session is efficient, power-boosting, and focused on generating sweat. It floods your brain with endorphins and enhances your muscles by increasing the anaerobic threshold. It’s an opportunity to utilise your strength gains while burning more fat, sustaining muscle growth, and increasing your VO2 max. In addition to these benefits, it also activates fast-twitch muscle groups, providing anti-aging advantages. By burning fat during and after your workout, this session is definitely not one to miss.

SWEAT/ENGINE is centred around settling into a cardio pace that you can sustain. It aims to enhance your aerobic ability and is primarily focused on maintaining a zone 2 heart rate. By working hard to increase the sustainable pace, you’ll notice that what was once difficult becomes easier as your threshold improves. By improving your cardiovascular conditioning, you’ll experience additional benefits such as reduced blood pressure, better blood sugar management, enhanced lung function, and increased “good” cholesterol. Moreover, you’ll feel the positive impacts mentally as well as physically. The release of boosted “happy hormone” endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine will help minimise your overall stress levels.

SWEAT/TEAM combines the benefits of the previous sessions with a sense of community and team spirit. You’ll sweat it out alongside your REVL family, pushing your boundaries with elevated accountability. This session is all about keeping the fun in your fitness journey and connecting with like-minded individuals every week.

In all these sessions, you can choose between White, Grey, and Black levels of difficulty. This ensures that your workout suits your experience and current level of fitness. Whether you’re new to fitness or returning after a break, the intensity and output of these sessions are relative to you and accessible to everyone. So feel free to pick and choose what works best for you or even get hooked on all three.


PERFORM is all about making progressive strength gains. It provides a space for you to work within your own capabilities, push your limits, and shift your focus towards progress rather than the weights on the bar. You’ll learn how to master fundamental strength movements and develop a strong mind-to-muscle connection in the process. This session takes your strength training beyond the average gym weights class, skyrocketing your strength growth.
Designed to offer measurable and tangible progression from your starting point, PERFORM empowers you throughout your fitness journey. It boosts your metabolism through increased muscle mass, making you feel stronger day by day while unlocking your body’s full range of mobility potential. With progressive overload, you’ll get stronger week after week, shattering the glass ceilings of what you once believed was possible for your body. All of this is supported by the expert coaching of REVL trainers and the camaraderie of the growing member community.

Here’s a breakdown of the schedule:

Monday: Choose between a MOVE or PERFORM session

Tuesday: Choose a SWEAT session

Wednesday: Choose between a MOVE or PERFORM session

Thursday: Choose a SWEAT session

Friday: Choose both a MOVE and PERFORM session

Saturday: TEAM SWEAT

Sunday: REST DAY or COMBO session

Remember, you can tailor your schedule based on your specific goals and preferences. Whether you prioritise pure strength with three PERFORM sessions and three SWEAT sessions or prefer a more well-rounded approach with three MOVE sessions and three SWEAT sessions, the choice is yours. Regardless of your selection, expect great energy, an unmatched sense of community, and even better progress week after week.

Start your fitness journey today with REVL, by reaching out to your local studio who can point you in the right direction, tailor the rEVL product to meet your training needs and answer any questions on how we work better, smarter and harder at REVL.

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