Tampines – coming soon


Tampines – coming soon

Tampines – coming soon

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Tampines - coming soon →
Tampines: Our training studios are judgment-free zones where people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels are welcome. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, we have a place for you



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Let us help you achieve your fitness goals and become the best version of yourself.

OG Membership
6 Months Upfront


GIVE $40, GET $40! 🙌🏻

We are T-2 Days away from opening our doors! Sign up together with a buddy now to get $40 off your second week with us! For all OG membership sign ups. 

If you’ve already signed up for our OG Membership, you’re still entitled for this! Refer a new friend and you’ll still get the $40 off! ⚡️

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The wait is finally over! We are officially opening our doors on 2 Dec 2023. 🥳

Three classes - 7.30am, 8.45am and 10am 🕙 

Booking will be available this Sunday, 26th Nov 2023, 2pm via the REVL APP! You may also book your class for Sunday. 

We can’t wait to see you! 🙌🏼

PS: Last chance to secure your OG membership!
We’re down to the last few weeks till we open our door. 🔥

Meet Steffi and Samuel, the Co-owners & coaches of REVL Tampines. 

We are excited to be supporting you every step of the way on your REVL Journey! 

At REVL, we put your health, fitness, movement and goals first! 

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We are beyond excited to show you our space and for you to REVL up your fitness journey⚡️

There are limited slots left for our OG2 Membership. Sign up now or drop us a DM to secure your membership! 

To our OG members, we can’t wait to see you on our Outdoor Activation day, 25th Nov 2023!

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▶️ Week 10⚡️

ALL ABOARD THE TESTING WEEK TRAIN! This is one of our all time favourite weeks! Why? Because no matter if you're testing or just hitting up a sweaty REVL session, it is where all your hard work from the past 10 weeks comes together and you can finish the block with a BANG 💥 

This phase isn’t about who is the fittest or strongest, it is about showcasing the hard work that’s been put in across the 10 week block! This is the perfect time to see just what you’re capable of, track your progress and plan some epic goals! Not to mention your coaches and community supporting you along the way 🙌🏼 

PS Limited slots left for our OG membership! 🔥

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Our workouts are designed to be challenging but fun. Our classes are taught by experienced trainers who know how to motivate and inspire you to push yourself to the next level, providing modifications and support as needed.


We believe that feeling good about yourself is an essential part of any fitness journey. That’s why we’ve created a studio environment that’s both welcoming and empowering.


1/   Download the REVL app

2/  Join

3/  Book a class

4/  Get there 15 minutes early
to meet the trainer

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