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Raffles Place: Our training studios are judgment-free zones where people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels are welcome. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, we have a place for you



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Let us help you achieve your fitness goals and become the best version of yourself.

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REVL Training Raffles Place wishes all who celebrate a happy Deepavali!

Do take note of the changes to our class schedule.

Remember to book your slots early to avoid disappointment crew! We’ll see you in the studio 😁
We didn’t forget about Halloween or Social Saturday Crew😉

Grab your friends, dress up in your very spookiest costumes, and smash a Social Saturday workout together with our amazing community this Saturday, 4th of November!

Heresay is that the coaches will be dressed to kill, and that there’ll be awards for best dressed too 👀

All REVL RP members are entitled to bring one friend, but slots are limited! Book now to avoid disappointment!


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Li Ying and Wei Yi!

They never fail to show up bright and early at 6.25 am each and every day and always give it their absolute all! This dynamic duo has been with us since we opened our doors and the two of them have been putting the work in each and every single day in order to reach their goals! They've exemplified consistency, grit, and never fail to try to take their knowledge and skill further at every chance they get even if it means training before the crack of dawn! This accolade has been a long time coming and is definitely well deserved!

Let's have some words from our members of the month!

How did you discover REVL Raffles?
We saw REVL Raffles Place opening up via Instagram and decided to snag OG memberships. We've never looked back since!

What’s your favourite thing about REVL?
Li Ying: Perform! (Come for Perform to find out more 👀)
Wei Yi: REVL RP has the holy trinity for me! Dedicated coaches, a warm, welcoming community, and a programme we love doing!

Any tips for newcomers?
Don't feel intimidated, even if your first class is full of experienced members. The coaches can help you to find ways to progress at your own pace and only you can decide how hard to push! Given enough time, you're sure to crush your goals 😉

Thank you Li Ying and Wei Yi for the trust, commitment, and amazing energy you bring to the community! The studio is blessed and grateful to have you 💪🏻😁
It’s been an eventful time with Social Weeks and RTG! Along with all the exciting happenings in the studio, we have the spotlight on the next coach in our immensely talented roster: @jerzylicious 🤩

Introduce yourself!

Hi! My name is Jerlin and I’m a coach at REVL Raffles Place. I usually coach the evening Move and Perform classes!

What are some interesting things about you?

I have a huge sweet tooth and I love love LOVE sweet desserts like cake and brownies! I also have 2 lovely cats and my preferred pair of shoes in/out of the gym is a pair of crocs (don’t judge) 🤓

Whats your Secret/Unexpected hobby?
Sleeping 😴💤🥱

Favorite exercise/body part to train?
BICEPS 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

What’s your favorite thing about REVL
I love Revl because everyone supports each another, there is no discrimination among us and following the program diligently always gets me progress!

If there’s one thing you could tell a new member, what would it be?

Trust the process and stick with it to see results!

Catch Jerlin in the Evenings for Perform and Move! She’ll see you in the studio 😉


Our workouts are designed to be challenging but fun. Our classes are taught by experienced trainers who know how to motivate and inspire you to push yourself to the next level, providing modifications and support as needed.


We believe that feeling good about yourself is an essential part of any fitness journey. That’s why we’ve created a studio environment that’s both welcoming and empowering.


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