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City Hall: Our training studios are judgment-free zones where people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels are welcome. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, we have a place for you



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Let us help you achieve your fitness goals and become the best version of yourself.

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Week 1/12 

This week, we are focused on building, and easing our body into running. It’s a high impact activity, so we don’t want to overload our joints too quickly.

The rule is to not increase our usual mileage by more than 10% each week.

Come join us next Wednesday at 8am as we up the intensity!

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TURF GAMES x REVL SG Training Day 

Super fun session with our amazing community this morning 🤍🖤

Teams of 4 - 40:00 CAP

100 Cals each Erg (Bike and Ski Erg) or (Row Erg and Echo Bike)
400m Team Run
40 Syncro Burpee (4:0)

80 Cals each Erg (Bike and Ski Erg) or (Row Erg and Echo Bike)
400m Team Run
40 Syncro Dball to Shoulder (2:2)

60 Cals each Erg (Bike and Ski Erg) or (Row Erg and Echo Bike)
400m Team Run
40 Syncro Dball Squats (2:2)

40 Cals each Erg (Bike and Ski Erg) or (Row Erg and Echo Bike)
400m Team Run
40 Syncro TTB/K2C (2:2)

Excited to see more of you guys join in on the action!!!

#REVLTraining #REVLTrainingSingapore
#Community #MoveSweatPerform #GroupTraining 
Sweat Engine (Baseline)
Time Cap: 36:00

Bike Erg (A) 3000/2750/2500m or
Echo Bike (B) 80/60/40 Cal (Schwinn 120/90/60)

100 x Alt DB Hang Snatch
M: 22.5/17.5/12.5kg | F: 15/10/8kg
100 x BW Rev Lunge

Ski (A) or Row Erg (B) 1500/1375/1250m

1000/800/600m Run or 80/70/60 x TTB/K2C
100 x KB Swing
M: 28/24/20kg | F: 20/16/12kg

A. Bike Erg & Ski Erg
B. Echo/Schwinn & Row Erg

SCORE = Time + Scale (Eg: 33:5/ + Grey)
Sweat Sprint (Baseline)


EMON x 36
I. Bike Erg
2. Rest
3. Alt DB Devils Press (M: 22.5/17.5/12.5kg | F: 15/10/8kg)
4. Rest
5. Row Erg
6. Rest
7. Burpee Box Jump Over
8. Rest
9. Ski Erg
10. Rest
11. KB Push Press (M: 24/20/16kg | F: 16/ 12/8kg)
12. Rest

Max Cals or Reps Each Round
Round I: Work Capped @:40
Round 2: Work Capped @:30
Round 3: Work Capped @:20
SCORE: Total Reps + Cals
REVL 🇸🇬 X Dipna

We’re delighted to announce that REVL Singapore will be partnering with @dipnalim - an Olympian and four-time SEA Games medalist.

Stay tuned for our upcoming 12-week program, meticulously designed to cover the following aspects:

1️⃣ Running fundamentals
2️⃣ Lactate threshold
3️⃣ Endurance
4️⃣ Pace work

Launching late March. Stay tuned for updates!
Mark your calendars: REVL Training Singapore’s Valentine’s Day Promo launches on 2 Feb ⚡️

Here’s how to enjoy the Valentine’s Day Promo:
1️⃣ Download the REVL Training app - choose REVL City Hall
2️⃣ Click More and buy a trial from the new package options
3️⃣ Following your trial purchase, shoot an email to cityhall@revltraining.com to confirm your purchase. In the email, include your friend’s name, email, and phone number.

Get ready to share the fitness journey with your friend and make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one! 💪🎉

#REVLTraining #REVLTrainingSingapore
#Community #MoveSweatPerform #GroupTraining 

A focus on getting back to our structure as we head into Block 1 next week.

Sweat Sprint 
Groups of 3 - 36:00 Cap

Within Every 2:00,
Each Member Must Complete I x :20 Max Effort

2 Rounds
A. E2MOM x 3
:20 Max Distance Bike Erg

B. E2MOM x 3
:20 Max Distance Ski Erg

C. E2MOM x 3
:20 Max Distance Row Erg
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Our workouts are designed to be challenging but fun. Our classes are taught by experienced trainers who know how to motivate and inspire you to push yourself to the next level, providing modifications and support as needed.


We believe that feeling good about yourself is an essential part of any fitness journey. That’s why we’ve created a studio environment that’s both welcoming and empowering.


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3/  Book a class

4/  Get there 15 minutes early
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