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REVL Weeks: The Perfect Time to Join REVL Training

At REVL, we approach group fitness training differently than your average gym. With elite coaching, personalised team training, and an expertly designed program to accelerate your progress, REVL is the ultimate destination for fitness enthusiasts seeking to enhance their strength and overall fitness.

While our members enjoy the results and team environment within our 10-week training blocks, we understand that as a non-member, it can be challenging to find the right time to join. Fortunately, the current ‘REVL Weeks’ training block presents the ideal opportunity to get involved. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of this training block, why it’s the best time to join, and what you can expect from your experience at REVL.

What are REVL Weeks?

Placement within the training program

REVL Weeks follow immediately after the Deload, Peak, and Testing Week blocks of training. These previous weeks focus on increasing intensity to test strength and fitness in order to scale intensity moving forward.

While these weeks are crucial for maximising your training at REVL, they don’t necessarily represent our typical session-to-session training. During this time, the focus narrows, and the intensity increases. Joining during this period can be overwhelming as you also try to grasp new forms, session structures, and coaching environments.

What to Expect During REVL Weeks

In contrast, REVL Weeks represent three enjoyable weeks of training that bridge the gap between training blocks. These weeks occur when the high-intensity block has just ended, and the high-volume phase has yet to begin. REVL Weeks offer a slightly less structured and more spontaneous form of training.

During REVL Weeks, you can expect friendly team competitions, a flexible schedule, and a combination of total body, upper body, and lower body movements. These weeks provide an opportunity to gain a broad understanding of training at REVL in a more relaxed environment.

This holds true for all session and program formats. You’ll experience fewer maximum efforts and a return to higher rep ranges in both strength-focused Perform sessions and sculpting sessions in Move. For Sweat sessions, interval efforts in Sprint will be at a lower threshold, and sustained efforts in Engine will focus more on team dynamics.

Benefits of Joining During REVL Weeks

Joining during REVL Weeks, with their heightened variety, offers the added advantage of familiarising yourself with our coaches, teammates, and the studio structure across various session flows. As members become more intuitive in their training, it becomes easier than ever to adapt the intensity of your workouts to your specific needs. You can embark on this new training journey without overexerting yourself and avoid getting caught up in the intensity of other training phases or feeling out of sync with the team.

Moreover, the last couple of REVL Weeks serve as the best preparation for your first 10-week training block as a member. As sessions gradually reintroduce structure, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a sense of the program that suits you best. With a tailored weekly training split that aligns with your goals, joining during the REVL Weeks ensures that you hit the ground running (or squatting, pressing, and rowing) when it truly matters. This allows you to make the most of the initial Volume Phase right from week one and achieve long-term results from the training program.

Why Train With REVL

Unique offering, elevated results

REVL provides a training environment that is unparalleled in the market. Each session is led by a familiar expert coach who provides tips on form, constant support, and accountability, giving you the best chance for success.

Throughout the year, our expert program is structured in 10-week blocks that progressively lead to results. We bring personal training-level coaching to a fun team environment, enabling you to train harder, get stronger, and move better.

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